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Karen in the field being a part of nature. Doing what she loves to do

Karen Benson has a BA in Zoology from the University of Texas at Austin and an MS in Ornithology from Lamar University.  She is a past editor of the Bulletin of the Texas Ornithological Society and co-editor of the Texas Breeding Bird Atlas.  She is co-author of two birdsong audio CDs published by Texas A&M Press and many other nature-related publications.

She is a licensed bird bander and has directed several workshops on birding and bird banding.  She has been a birding guide for the Texas Hill Country River Region’s week-long festival NATURE QUEST.

Karen is a Texas Master Naturalist and is active in several local and regional organizations, two of which are the Beeville Garden Club and the Pan American Round Table.  She writes a nature column for the Bee Picayune Newspaper and is a regular speaker at community events.  The natural world and birding are major parts of her life.




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Robert Benson’s suspense novel, The Scarlet Kingfisher, is available at Amazon.com and on Kindle. Since The Scarlet Kingfisher is enrolled in the Kindle Select program, it is not available on other eBook readers for now. Learn more on our Titles Page and find links for ordering the book.

Robert Benson studied physics at Texas State University, graduating in 1976 with a BS.  He continued graduate work in Cosmic Ray Physics at Texas A&M University completing his doctorate in 1985.  He joined the faculty at Texas A&M University where he founded the Center for Bioacoustics, and completed numerous research projects related to the sounds animals make.

Robert moved to Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi in 1997 where he taught a variety of technical courses including astronomy, physics and bioacoustics. He is now retired.

Robert and Karen live on a small farm north of Beeville, Texas where they maintain a vineyard, propagate and grow native Texas Plants, and spend a great deal of time out doors. His hobbies are birding, photography, and falconry.