PhotoBook Project

This publication of nature images is the first of the Wild 100 series. All the photos in this book are by Robert Henry Benson. This layout will be the model for additional volumes in the series.

PhotoBook Project

The growth rate of nature photography worldwide is very high (exceeding 35% per year recently).  Coupled with steady elevation in quality, the nature photography landscape has never been better.  To break through to national and international recognition, photographers need to publish their work and get images in front of people that love the outdoors.  Our PhotoBook Project will do just that.

Each volume of our Wild 100 series will show the work of top photographers in full-color printed format.  Each volume will be professionally designed and formatted to an industry standard 8” x 10” softcover book, assigned a 13-digit ISBN and will become a part of’s vast book marketing network.

If you would like to have your photography considered for publication in the Wild 100 series, make email contact with the Publisher and Editor (Robert Benson) at to get the process going.  Please understand, that for each image you submit for consideration and we accept for publication, you give us the right to publish your image in one volume only and in electronic format on our websites for promotional purposes.  Other than the publicity and prestige associated with publication in the Wild 100 series, you will not receive compensation.  You retain all rights to market and sell your image anywhere and at any time.  For more information about our publishing policy, please visit SuperMoon Press.

Submission information:  Please wait for publisher approval before submitting an image.  For an image to be considered, you must own all the rights to the image and be the photographer of the image.  Images must be in JPG format with square dimensions of 1920 pixels by 1920 pixels.  An image must have a title, followed by your name and the date and place that the image was taken.  Also, provide a short description (not exceeding 500 characters) that gives some information about the subject of the photo and where it was taken.