A few tame beehives is now all you need to qualify your small acreage for very favorable agricultural tax evaluation (reductions exceeding 90 percent).

We know that Texas landowners cherish their farms and ranches as much as we love ours.  Like us, they delight in the native plants and animals that populate the habitats around them.  Sometimes they need help developing and implementing plans to preserve and enhance their properties so that their children and others will be blessed with diverse wildlife populations in the decades to follow.  We can help.

We have years of experience building, and putting into action, management plans that are compatible with landowner’s visions for the future.  We can assist by completing surveys to establish what is presently utilizing your landscape.  We are knowledgeable about statistical methods used to determine population levels and are among the top consultants working with avian species.  We have experience developing plans aiming to convert tax evaluations from agricultural to wildlife.  We can work with appraisal districts to make sure that both state and local rules are followed when filing for changes in evaluation method.  Recent changes in the evaluation rules have made it possible for tracts as small as five acres to be qualified for agricultural exemptions.

When preparing properties for sale, we can provide value-increasing analyses on which prospective buyers can rely.  Knowing the flora and fauna present on your property, will provide a nice advantage when buyers are choosing a place to build a new future for their families.  Let us help you through the process.  Call Robert Benson at (361) 834-0000.